ADR Profession & Careers


Regulating Mediator Practice: Highlights from Europe and the United States

Analyzing and comparing professional regulations related to mediation their implications for the field
Dispute Resolution Magazine, page 21 (Fall 2017)


Quick Take on Art Hinshaw’s ‘Regulating Mediators’ Article

Discussing the impact mediator credentialing has on efforts to increase diversity in the profession
ADR Prof Blog, Indisputably, November 2016


Choosing ADR Careers at the Start: It Is Possible

Highlighting what motivates individuals to start their career in the ADR field and forego other more prestigious opportunities after graduation
Dispute Resolution Magazine, page 30 (Spring 2015) 


Carrel on Dreams of an ADR Career

Comparing recent graduation remarks by Robert DeNiro with the traditional message to recent grads in ADR
ADR Prof Blog, Indisputably, May 2015


ADR as First Career Video Blog

Launching the new video blog featuring individuals who in who chose the ADR field as the place to start their professional careers
ADR Prof Blog, Indisputably, September 2014:, update-December 2014:


ADR As a First Career

Sharing the unique paths of three younger attorneys who chose and defined a career path in ADR
ABA-DR Annual Conference, April 2014