Dreams of an ADR Career

Originally published on indisputably.org

Last week, Robert DeNiro spoke at the NYU Tisch School of Arts graduation ceremony.  After congratulating the students on their success, he paused, then added, “ “and, you’re f***ed.”  Everyone laughed because they understood the uncertainty these students face.  Unlike their peers in accounting, law or medicine who have already found jobs that will lead to success and security, DeNiro said, students pursuing careers in the arts will likely struggle.  But he joked that artists aren’t jealous of those accountant jobs because he said, students who choose the arts, don’t follow reason or logic when deciding what career to pursue, they follow their passion. He said, they may be f***ed, but it isn’t a bad place to be.  Because, he said, it is their passion that will make them successful.

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Alyson Carrel