Dispute Resolution & Technology


Mind the Gap: Bringing Technology to the Mediation Table

Discussing the pitfalls of ignoring the benefits of using technology in traditional, off-line mediation.
AALS Annual Conference, Promise & Pitfalls of Technology in Mediation session, January 20192019(2) J. Disp. Resol. 1 (2019) (co-authored with Noam Ebner) (https://papers.ssrn.com/abstract_id=3421097)

Digital Toolbox Pedagogy: Teaching Students to Utilize Technology in Mediation

Describing methods for educators to introduce technology as a mediation tool in trainings and courses
ACResolutions (July 2019) (co-authored with Noam Ebner)

Future of Mediation: How Technology Can Enhance Mediation

Exploring the potential uses of technology to enhance a mediator’s practice, the parties’ experience, and the field itself.
University of Florida School of Law Institute for Dispute Resolution, October 2018

ODR: How Technology Impacts Client Expectations in Mediation

Highlighting the technological advances used in law and business that will change expectations of mediators in the future
World Mediation Congress, March 2018


Discussions in Dispute Resolution-Mediation

Predicting the impact of technology on the enduring mediation model known as the Riskin Grid (to be published as a response piece in the new book Discussions in Dispute Resolution, edited by Andrea Schneider, Sarah Cole, and Art Hinshaw
SEALS Conference, July 2017


Artificially Intelligent Mediator: Future Proofing ADR

Exploring how many existing AI applications are more familiar than expected and might make every mediator/arbitrator better at what they do
ABA-DR Annual Conference, April 2017

Technology Enhancing and Disrupting ADR

Discussing new platforms, new devices, and new information available to ADR practitioners and parties through advances in technology, 2016 Annual Journal of Conflict Resolution

J.D. Melnick Symposium at Cardozo School of Law, November 2016

Tech Driven Dispute Resolution

Exploring the impact and use of disruptive technologies in the dispute resolution field beyond traditional notions of online dispute resolution,

ABA-DR Annual Conference, Showcase Program, April 2016 

How Will Tomorrow’s Lawyer Compete with Technology?

Highlighting the need for interpersonal communication skills in tandem with technology to have a successful legal practice
ADR Prof Blog, Indisputably, June 2014:  http://www.indisputably.org/?p=5643