Everything You Know about Dispute Resolution is Wrong

Exploring the “truths” perpetuated in our field and analyzing why people in our field propagate such ideas, ABA-DR Annual Conference, April 2015  (with Professors John Lande, Noam Ebner, and James Coben)


Lessons Learned From the Foreclosure Dispute System

Discussing the flexibility of the mediation process to fit the needs of large scale issues based on my work designing the Illinois Foreclosure Mediation Training for Resolution Systems Institute, Civil Justice Reform Group Operating Committee Meeting, October 2014


Yes, Please

Can Improv Improve Responses to Ethical Dilemmas?  - discussing the use of improvisation techniques as a means for more effectively managing ethical dilemmas in negotiations
ADR Prof Blog, Indisputably, December 2014http://www.indisputably.org/?p=6148


Mediation vs. Litigation and the Rationale for Facilitative Mediation

Advocating attorneys assess case appropriateness for mediation, ensuring social justice critiques are considered.  And asserting the ethical reasons for using facilitative mediation instead of evaluative, Cook County Law Division, June 2013


From Paper to Brain: The Importance of Systematically Using Preparation Documents in Negotiation

Advocating for the use of preparation documents in negotiation curriculum as a way to assess students, build skill, and support practice, AALS Clinical Conference Poster Presentation, May 2013 (with Professor Daniel Gandert)


Teaching Mediation Advocacy Inside and Outside the Classroom

Discussing the shift in focus from training students as neutrals to training students as advocates in the mediation process, ABA-DR Annual Conference, April 2013 (with Professors Teresa Frisbie and Liz Simon)


Illinois Statutes and Rules in Alternative Dispute Resolution

Presenting the various rules and statutes related to ADR for attorneys, Chicago Bar Association, 2012


Book Review: Mediation Ethics: Cases and Commentaries

Reviewing a new book on mediation ethics that provides a comprehensive resource for practitioners, trainers, and professors, Resolution Systems Institute Newsletter, 2011, www.aboutrsi.org/pfimages/Connection_May2011.pdf


Introduction to Interest-based Problem Solving and Mediation

Introducing law students to concepts and skills for approaching legal issues through an interest-based perspective, University of Chicago School of Law, 2011


Where is Temple Grandin?

Summarizing plenary by Temple Grandin during the ABA-Dispute Resolution Annual Conference, Center for Conflict Resolution Caucus, May 2011


Prosando: One Exercise/Many Approaches

Describing a wide variety of approaches for using the singular Northwestern Kellogg School of Management Dispute Resolution Research Center Prosando exercise and related materials, Northwestern Kellogg Negotiation & Teamwork Teaching Workshop, 2011


Effectively Mediating Mortgage Foreclosure Cases

Training for certified mediators on the unique aspects of mediating foreclosure cases in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Circuit Court of Cook County, semi-monthly 2010


Peer Mediation

Introducing peer mediation and how it successfully de-escalates conflict in the elementary and secondary school settings, Urban School Improvement Network of University of Chicago, 2010


Who, What, Where, When, How: Dissecting the Use of Questions in Mediation

Comparing and contrasting the questions a mediator asks with those of a journalist, investigator, and litigator, ABA-DR Annual Conference, 2009


Ethics and Mediation Confidentiality

Discussing ethical concerns in the mediation setting for newly trained mediators, National Judicial College, annually 2008-2010


Living Communally & Dealing with Conflict

Providing an opportunity for members of the Avodah Service Corp to explore communication and conflict in their communal living situation, Avodah, 2007


Youth and Violence in Schools

Discussing how conflict arises and skills for de-escalating conflict in urban high schools, Umoja Student Development Corporation, 2007


Facilitation Skills for Local School Councils

Training on facilitation skills for Chicago Public School Local School Council facilitators tasked with managing meetings among parents, community members and school officials, Chicago Public Schools (with David Stone), 2007


Drafting Effective ADR Contract Clauses

Presenting key elements to enforceable ADR clauses in a contracts (with Michael Nathanson), TAP Pharmaceuticals, 2007


Mediation Skills for Lawyers

Engaging lawyers in effective problem-solving by sharing approaches and strategies mediators regularly use to effectively resolve disputes, and how lawyers can benefit from implementing these same approaches in their everyday practice of law, Sidley Austin LLP, 2007


International Conflict

Engaging at-risk youth to conflict management approaches and concepts in the international setting, FreeStreet, 2005


Interest-Based vs. Rights-Based Grievance Procedures

Comparing interest and rights based approaches to responding to grievances in the Ryan White Care Act, Title I (now Part A) agencies (with David Stone), Chicago Department of Public Health, quarterly 2005-2012


Giving Effective Feedback in Coaching Sessions

Providing framework for constructive feedback in skills-based trainings, Center for Conflict Resolution, semiannually 2004-2012


Conflict Management Skills

Discussing the impact of conflict in the workplace and presenting the “Express & Explore” framework for handling difficult situations, presented regularly at organizations such as YMCA, TAP Pharmaceuticals, Federal Reserve Bank, average four sessions annually 2004-2012


Putting CCR on the Grid:  Going Beyond the Facilitative vs. Evaluative Paradigm to Better Understand the CCR Mediation Model

Discussing CCR’s mediation model and how it fits into The New New Grid system designed by Professor Leonard Riskin, CCR’s Annual PeaceWeek 2004


Juvenile Mediation:  Victim-Offender, Juvenile Restitution, Child Protection/Dependency

Discussing strategies for administering and utilizing mediation in disputes involving juveniles, Missouri’s 13th Circuit Family Court and Bono County Bar Mediation Committee, 2004


Case Note, An ADR Clause by Any Other Name Might Smell as Sweet: England’s High Court of Justice Queens Bench Attempts and Fails to Define What is Not an Enforceable ADR Clause

Describing the negative implications for utilizing overly broad definitions of mediation in ADR contact clauses, 2003 J. Disp. Resol. 547


Implementing Dependency Mediation

Discussing the successful implementation of Dependency Mediation programs to court administrators, judges, and agencies at the 4th Annual Florida Dependency Summit, August 2000