Clinical Associate Professor
Assistant Director, Center on Negotiation and Mediation
Former Assistant Dean of Law & Technology Initiatives



I am a tech curious legal educator and mediator with over 20 years of experience in a variety of contexts, including courts, non-profits, and law schools. I am currently on the faculty at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, teaching through the nationally-ranked Center on Negotiation and Mediation. For the past two years, I led the law school's legal technology & innovation initiatives as the Assistant Dean of Law & Technology. In these roles, I received a grant to purchase wearable cameras for my negotiation simulation courses, a fellowship to integrate the A2J Author platform in my mediation advocacy clinic, and launched TEaCH LAW, a demonstration series for instructional technology. Today, as part of a small working group of individuals from Thomson Reuters, Michigan State, Suffolk, and Vanderbilt law schools, I am developing a new client-driven lawyering model for the 21st century that recognizes the importance of technology fluency and emotional intelligence in the delivery of legal services—we call it the Delta Model.


“Professor Carrel is amazing, she is so engaging and really cares about fostering an environment where students feel comfortable volunteering for discussions. This was one of the most engaging courses I took in Law School.”

-Northwestern Law Student, 2019

“This course exceeded any expectations. I was prepared for an exhausting grind, but it was engaging, forward thinking, and applicable to a broad spectrum”

-Mitchell-Hamline Law Student, 2019


"Alyson is an excellent instructor. I really enjoyed hearing her insights into the topic, especially her personal experiences in negotiations. The cases were interesting, relevant and thought-provoking. I feel I learnt a lot from this course."

-Northwestern MBA Student, 2018


"Professor Carrel is very passionate and very funny. She is very good at explaining negotiation concepts in easy but useful ways and always encourages students to reflect on their skills and make room for improvement."

-Northwestern Law Student, 2018




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Above the Law

In 2014, Above the Law highlighted my use of emerging technology in the law school classroom as a positive example of professors keeping pace with the rapid rate of changes in technology.   Read



The ABA Legal Technology Resource Center interviewed me as one of their 2018 Women of Legal Tech awardees. In this interview, I highlight the use of technology to help lawyers as "creative problem solvers that must work with our clients to truly understand their needs and help identify solutions, tech-based or not, that address those needs."  Read


Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters ran a series about faculty and schools with "practice ready" initiatives. In this piece I describe easy ways to best prepare students for the changing legal landscape.

Significant Projects

The selected projects below each represent a modest attempt to encourage others to try something new, look at an issue a little differently, and recognize there are many paths forward.  Learn more...


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